Friday, 24 July 2015

Glock 17 BBM bruni blank , slide removal and look inside

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Removing the slide is quite easy actually once you  know how 

undo the top allen key 

remove the back slide blank 

pull slide back as if cocking and pull up 

then just it forward and away 

blow are the components 

slide and back slide blank 
sring and guide pin

quite simple internals really but interesting 

Here is the hammer in the cocked position 

and in the spent position after pulling trigger 

below are photos of the trigger pin and then firing pin 
again simple , ive not taken them out yet at ive not actually fired it
as im waiting for ammo , and dont want to knacker it up 
prior to shooting it .

                                                                    trigger pin

                                                                       Firing pin

Putting the slide guide back in position 

then the spring 

this is the hardest part but still easy 
just pull it back again the spring and try to feed 
guide into the hole on the slide front 

thats it just fitting backing blank to slide and screw allen key tightish 

heres a photo of magazine fitted with slide removed if your interested 

mag empty hammer in spent position 

As soon as i have shot it and filmed it ill strip out the rest and learn more 
regards trigger mechanisms etc 

I use these 8mm ammo packs by Fiocchi i bought these from here Ebay uk
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