Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Glock 17 8mm Gap bbm bruni blank plug cap gun pistol

This is my first realistic pistol ive owned , it fires blanks , feels looks and sounds loud , very realistic .

Love it great fun and i suppose could be used for defence in as far as its noisy and looks like a gun .

but really i just want to become proficient at handling a gun for anytime when i may be called upon to use a real one and so far its very simple to learn .

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Click here for a photo copy of the Gap Glock 17 owners manual .

Glock 17 BBM bruni blank , slide removal and look inside

Glock 17 bruni bbm gap blank , stripping out slide and frame to respray .

I use these 8mm ammo packs by Fiocchi i bought these from here Ebay uk
or try Amazon here 

or try here in the USA

there was a red plastic end cap that needed to be drilled out 

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