Sunday, 9 July 2017

Top 10 auto car cleaning valeting detailing products - brushes microfibre drill attach cleaners etc

Top 10 auto car cleaning valeting detailing products - brushes microfibre drill attach cleaners etc

These are my favourite items for detailing on Aliexpress here , they are all excellent and very good quality .  There are lots of other good stuff on there too well worth looking at .

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Motorcycle and car Diagnostic electrical equipment leads probes back probes insulation piercing crocodile clips pen multimeters

I use all these everyday for diagnosing electrical faults on cars and motorcycles

I use them for injectors and coils back probing sensors they link up with snap on vantage and modis
diagnostic scopes and all multimeters

make you life easy buy good electrical testers

You can find all these and more on Aliexpress here 

spare multimeter leads

insulation piercing clips 

Back probe pins 

insulated crocodile clips with meter connections 
very useful 

spare large heavy duty crocodile multimeter clips

insulation piercing test leads connectors

insulated piercing probes 

pen type multimeter excellent for fualt finding 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Where how and why basics beginners guide Bitcoin ( investing , using , store of wealth ) wallets and security advice .

Where to buy Bitcoin in the UK and Europe ( £ and Euros )

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Ever considered using Bitcoin

Where how and why Bitcoin ( investing , using , store of wealth )  wallets and security .

Ive been using bitcoin now for 2 years and slowly building up the amount of coins i own .

Now im no expert at this or investing so do you own research there is no such thing as a sure bet
and learning is the best way to avoid financial stress .

Ok so where do you buy bitcoin from in the UK , i tried many sites to begin with and even lost some money early on , i looked searched  for a company with at least 2-4  years operating experience and
a good record with good chat or support access .

2-4 years and you know they have the staff and site to operate and handle most situations and that they are established .

good record is obvious and chat support give peace of mind , saying that i joined 4 or 5 companys till i found the best , and they are

Coin Corner  open since 2014 ,  now this company only currently buy and sell bitcoins which is a pain as i like other altcoins too but its easy to send your bit coins to an exchange and trade for other altcoins as you wish so its only a  minor issue imo .

and at least you know Coin corner is not over stretching itself buy trying to operate in all coins and is expert and reliable in Bitcoin .

So how do you go about buying bit coin why and what is it .

Basically its digital currency bitcoin is the first and largest market cap of these and so far has passed every test thrown at it and recovered to be now very valuable .

it is very early in it adoption and only a fraction of the worlds population have a bitcoin account meaning there is the potential for massive growth .

why would you buy it , its still early so may go up 10x 100x you never now , its a limited digital (21 million bitcoin but can be divisible )  currency meaning our politicians cannot print any and inflate it away .

its a good store of wealth as compared to money / cash with inflation always destroying its value when you look at prices today compared to early last century you can see the destruction done to our
cash .

it is a currency and is accepted widely online and more and more in the high street .

there are many other positives but like i say im not an expert these are the reasons i bought , you may find others .

are there negatives , yes , it can go down in value as with all investments you need to take educated risks and compared to cash imo its a winner .

its digital and open to attacks , these have been attempted some succeded but over time bitcoin has grown stronger .

there may be other issues but i believe the positives out way the risk .

I have a lot ( to me but nothing major ) of money in bitcoin and some other altcoins
i also have silver and gold as well so diversify as they always say .

I dont touch stocks ( although some make a lot of  money via stocks ) and shed cash as soon as possible .

Top be continued

Join Coin corner now to buy bitcoins they even give you a free online or mobile phone downloaded wallet to use and store bitcoins

Next to follow

How to open account and buy - sell bitcoin via CoinCorner

First go to register page its similar process to the thousands of other sites we have joined before only with a little bit more info .

click here to visit Register page 

including Passport number , and source of funds .

You will then be required as usual to comfirm email to access site .

You then need to upload copies ( make sure they are colour ) of you passport for your ID and drivers licence for address.

or a bank / bill statement will do for address.

you then need to wait for confirmation which was fast , im still waiting for others weeks after joining on some sites .

depositing is easy too you can withdraw from bank or credit card with netseller and sepa as 2 alternative payment types .

Bank transfer is free but takes 2 days to clear , you need to be able to set up payments in your
bank as well but all information is given.

credit - debit card payments are limited to begin with starting at £50 with 2 transactions daily only and also a massive 2.50 per transaction fee which at £50 a time soon mounts . This is due to the large amount of fraud directed at these companies at the minute so you cannot blame them from wanting bank transfer for safety .

How to send and receive Bitcoins on CoinCorner 

Once you join as above to CoinCorner  you get a freec online wallet to store bitcoins and ability to send and receive them

sending and receiving is very easy just add address to send to or receive from and the amount of bit coin you need , you then need to wait it can take 30 minutes for other on the network to confirm the transaction .

How to send video

How to receive video

How to protect your Bitcoins

The truth is wallets are very easy to use and convenient but are not protected against loss
so when you start to get a good amount of Bitcoin id say 1 bitcoin £2000 plus id look into cold storage which is basically like a hdd or usb stick where you can store your bitcoins safe offline and they usually have back up protection and online protection inlcuded .

Read more about hardware cold storage wallets here 

So there you go its very easy to get started and more and more reasons to buy into bitcoins

Join Coin Corner here